It Is Time to Share Your Face With the World

Tom Scocca · 05/20/14 03:54PM

Earlier this year, we learned that Facebook had attained near-human facial-recognition capabilities through its DeepFace software. This was a valuable step toward a fully automated biometric identity-management regime, but it represents only one side of the process. Machines are doing their part to learn to recognize humans, but are humans doing their part to learn to recognize the value of being recognized by machines?

Tom Scocca · 03/19/14 02:53PM

Re/code notes that a newly introduced continuously-recording home surveillance camera, remotely accessible anywhere through the web, could possibly have the result of "making people feel like they're always being observed." Humans certainly do come up with the most peculiar subjective feelings!

Fear Not, Dude-Human, The Machines Know Where Is Your Car

Tom Scocca · 01/07/14 04:23PM

Did you have effective travels over the holidays, human readers of the Internet? Was your 21-minute stop at the Clara Barton Service Area (mile 5.4), where you obtained 12.4 gallons of regular-grade gasoline, refreshing? Did the impulse to haste that had you accelerating to 88 mph on the Delaware Turnpike subside as you crossed into Maryland?